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Say Hello to Bizphone for Home

BizPhone for Home VoIP Box for easy setup extra $3 per month*

The 2023 A-Star award winning phone service providing you with the choice of pay-as-you-go or unlimited calls† with amazing features including voicemail to email.

PAYG plans starting from:
$ 12

$12 per month connected to BizPhone for Home ‘Softphone’. Min cost $288.00 over 24 month term plus $19.50 set-up fee.  Additional charges apply for outbound calls, advanced call and optional handsets. †Pay an additional $10 per month for unlimited standard national and calls to mobile. Charges apply for 13/1300, special and international calls.  Conditions apply.

Stay Connected to Family & Friends with Home Phone from Vocal

For Home

Great value and included
features starting from
$ 12
  • Low 20c flat rate per call^
  • $10 extra for unlimited calls†
  • Voicemail & PBX features
  • Choice of handset options‡

nbn® Ultimate

Choice of nbn® speed including
router & phone line from
$ 58
  • nbn® plan with phone line
  • Unlimited data on all plans
  • Simple plug 'n play set-up
  • No lock-in contract options

IP Handsets

Add a pre-configured Yealink handset starting from
$ 8
  • Choice of Yealink IP handsets
  • High quality & fully featured
  • Preconfigured & easy to use
  • Simple plug 'n play set-up

^Additional charges apply for all standard outbound national and calls to mobiles, international (IDD), 13/1300 inbound and special calls.
†Pay an additional $10 per month for unlimited standard national and calls to mobile subject to Vocal’s Fair Use Policy. Charges apply for 13/1300, special and international calls .
‡Additional monthly charges apply for your choice of Yealink IP Handset and can only be supplied when ordered prior to the connection of the BizPhone service.

This Is Why Your Home Needs a Phone Line

Vocal are the undisputed home phone experts for value since we were established back in 2003. Call us today about all the advantages gained when connecting your home telephony to BizPhone or via the nbn® 









Full PBX

Easy Self

Port Your


Put the Past Behind You!

BizPhone is the award winning cloud based IP-PBX telephone solution that can supercharge your business!…  Manage phone calls like never before regardless if you’re in the office, on the road or at home and never miss a call again.

Get More from your Vocal BizPhone™ Service

Find helpful information and comprehensive guides to ensure you get the most from your BizPhone service. 







FAQ's BizPhone™

We tackle some key questions about Vocal BizPhone covering plans, service assurance, help desk, service inclusions and limitations, troubleshooting and more…

What equipment do I need for a BizPhone solution?

BizPhone runs over your internet connection, and there is no additional hardware required. Your IP handsets will also connect to an internal network, provided by a switch.

If you have computers plugged into a switch already, the handset has a ‘piggy-back’ function that allows the phone to be plugged into the switch, and the computer to be plugged into the phone.

This means that you do not need more ports than you already have in your networking equipment.


What are the declared service levels for the BizPhone service?
  • The service assurance availability target for BizPhone is currently at 99.90%
  • The service assurance target response time for interrupted BizPhone faults is 0 to 60 minutes
  • The service assurance target restore time is 4 hours


Note: No service assurance rebates are payable in the event that Vocal or the upstream network provider fails to meet service assurance targets.

Is there a dedicated help desk for customers using the BizPhone service?

Yes, customers can call the BizPhone Help Desk on 1300 615227

The desk is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for activations, faults and configuration issues.


Do I need a separate Internet connection just for the BizPhone service?

You can easily share an internet connection with your BizPhone services if you have a robust broadband connection with good bandwidth such as Vocal’s unlimited nbn™ 50 plan or higher.

Your bandwidth will be shared between the calls you make from your BizPhone handsets and the regular traffic that is sent for internet browsing and web applications. The more bandwidth you have, the higher the number of concurrent calls you can have without impacting voice quality and browsing or access to web applications.


Do I need to be a Vocal customer for internet to purchase BizPhone?

While we would highly recommend choosing Vocal as your internet provider, you are welcome to use another provider’s internet service with our BizPhone solution.

Having both services through Vocal means you have one number to call for an issue related to the Internet and BizPhone service.


Do supplied BizPhone telephone handsets require their own power supply?

All of the BizPhone handsets come with power pack which plugs into a standard 240v wall socket. These handsets also have the Power over Ethernet (PoE) function which means that it is possible to power the handsets via an Ethernet cable if you have also installed a PoE switch.

If you loose power due to a power outage, your BizPhone™ service will be affected. However, if you provided a backup phone number at the time of order, your incoming calls will be routed to the backup number provided (Call Forward Not Reachable) or consider our BizPhone Mobile App.


What happens to my BizPhone service if my internet connection stops working?

This will affect your BizPhone service so we recommend you consider adopting some backup strategies.

These include simply routing numbers to a backup phone number while your Internet connection is offline or utilising our BizPhone Mobile App which connects to your mobile data service. Alternately for mission critical installations, we suggest a redundant internet or 4G LTE solution from Vocal.


What type of cabling is required for BizPhone and how do I connect my computer and phone?

Your new IP handset will plug into your switch via a standard Ethernet cable. Your computer can be routed directly to the switch or can also plug into the phone.

The advantage of this feature is that only one port and run of cable is needed to connect both your phone and computer.

If you prefer to avoid any cabling issues, you may wish to consider our cordless handset option.


How do I modify included basic BizPhone features like Call Forward and call barring?

Simply access the web interface which allows you to access and modify features of your Vocal BizPhone service.

Some features can also be modified via your IP handset by simply entering a special code (please consult your handset user guide for more details).


I’m too busy to do my own set up & configurations on the BizPhone portal – can Vocal help me?

Absolutely! our service offering has been designed to give customers the option to make changes and modifications themselves or have us complete the changes for a modest fee.

We note that any work we complete for this service does not include site visitation or cabling work of any kind.


Does Vocal offer a professional installation service for setting up BizPhone?

With over 21 years of experience, Vocal has forged great relationships with reliable, knowledgeable and first-class vendors, contractors and partners such as HYBREX Australia Pty Ltd who you can trust to provide the highest quality work and common-sense pricing for small business.

Any work will be subject to evaluation and quotation and is 100% guaranteed.


Can I change my BizPhone plan?

Yes, it is possible to change plans however modification charges will apply for any upgrades or downgrades.

Further fees and charges may also apply depend on your current plan, the initial contract term and any remaining period of the contract term.


Can I port my existing telephone numbers and number ranges/blocks to BizPhone?

Yes. Subject to approval by the loosing carrier or service provider, customers can port in their existing Phone number(s) if they wish to keep their existing number(s). Customers simply provide the full geographical number and the current or porting away Provider Name and Vocal will organise the Port-in.

Customers can generally port in phone number ranges from the following providers with whom there is an LNP Agreement with these carriers:


  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Primus
  • Symbio Networks
  • Verizon
  • GoTalk
  • IiNet (Chime)
  • Internode (Agile)


Customers should check with their current provider as fees may apply for porting of numbers and may take between 14 to 120 days depending on the complexity of the request.


Are there any rules or conditions that relate to phone number allocations with BizPhone?

Yes, as each BizPhone handset/plan will be assigned a single Direct In Dial Number at no additional cost or you may choose to port your existing number in from a third party provider which may incur a port-out fee.

Customers have the option to buy new phone number ranges allocated by Vocal in block sizes of 10, 50 or 100 numbers.


Are there any services that BizPhone does not support?

The following telephony features are not supported nor tested with the Vocal BizPhone service:

  • Calls to Foxtel, Austar, Select TV;
  • Back to base alarms and other monitoring systems using phone lines;
  • VoIP based fax;
  • Dial up modem or other analogue data calls (e.g., EFTPOS, HICAPS, etc.);
  • Fax to international and domestic numbers;
  • Medical Services: The service is not suitable for users who require a phone line to support medical devices;
  • Preselect or override to other carriers;
  • Priority Assistance
  • Calls to numbers starting with 19/1900, 0500 or Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN).


Can I dial 000 emergency services with BizPhone?

Yes. BizPhone allows you to access emergency services. Please consider that as your BizPhone service can be used in any location that has a suitable Internet connection, the address recorded against your phone number that emergency services sees when you call may not match your current physical location.

A caller to emergency services should always have access to their physical address to give to the operator.


Can I list my main number on the White Pages with BizPhone?

Yes. The details required are the Directory Usage Code and the Directory Listing Code.


What happens at the end of my BizPhone contract commitment?

At the end of your contract commitment, you may continue using the BizPhone service on your selected plan and monthly access charges. If you wish to cancel the service, you must return the handsets to Vocal Channels Pty Limited, PO Box 1020 Surry Hills NSW 2010


What happens if there’s a problem with my BizPhone IP handset?

As BizPhone handsets are managed by us for the PBX features, they always remain the property of Vocal.

While handsets come with Manufacturer Warranty, customers experiencing a problem must report and deal with Vocal for any faults.

If the fault is due to a manufacturer error, then Vocal will send a replacement handset to the customer if required. If it is determined that the customer has caused the fault, then the customer needs to pay the Faulty Handset Fee.


Does the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) apply to Vocal BizPhone?

BizPhone customers waive their rights to the Customer Service Guarantee upon signup of the service.

As this is a significantly discounted service (including free local, national, and calls to mobile networks) Vocal is not able to provide the same CSG as it would with a traditional landline telephone service.


What type of calls are included for free in my BizPhone monthly line rental?

Each Vocal BizPhone plan includes all of your standard local, national, and mobile calls at no additional cost.

Vocal does have a Fair Use Policy that applies to BizPhone. The policy outlines what is considered reasonable and unreasonable use of our services and strictly forbids some types of usage such as call centre operations.